Nude Porcelain BJD's

Limited Edition Nudes

The limited edition nudes are hand-made, fine porcelain dolls with fully articulated ball joints and china painted features. At only 13.5 “(36cm) tall, these dolls are petite, sophisticated and very durable. Like delicate fairies they can easily fit in the palm of your hand.

Just like my costumed dolls, these creations are designed and meticulously manufactured by hand to the highest degree of excellence. Porcelain is my medium of choice because of its permanence in the face of time and elements.

The doll parts are cast in fine porcelain slip and fired at high temperatures to achieve strength and elegance of a traditional porcelain doll. All the dolls’ features are hand china-painted and fired to permanently bond china to porcelain.

The paint will never fade, scratch or chip. The porcelain pigment will remain unchanged by sun light and unaffected by finger oil. You can handle them all you want and the doll’s skin will stay clean and silky smooth forever. I use only the finest, natural Mohair or raw silk fibers for my dolls hair, so it can be easily brushed, braided and styled. My complex ball joint mechanism with steel springs, allows my dolls an exceptional articulation to mimic the soft sensuality and warmth of a human body.